Courage to Change - Jeremiah 29:11
 Here we will feature various different aspects of our growing ministry.  After all, we are in the process of  building  an army  for the entire Kingdom of God by freeing one prisoner at a time.
A Step Up
From the Author's Heart.....
The heart of God desires the best for everyone, including the one thing most sought by the whole of humanity, freedom.  However, even though He loves us more than we could ever imagine.  He is never one to intrude into someone's life.  He only enters where he is invited; God is a gentleman!
However, where He is invited He creates a whole new landscape for the heart, one unenccumbered by the things that once held us prisoners without hope.
A Step Up is designed to place before its readers, proven steps based upon spiritual principals leading to a life of peace, purpose, and fulfillment.  A new life of freedom!
In His Love & Grace,
John Mark Skinner
A Step Up
      Monday 6:30pm
A Step Up For Families
A Bible based study guide for friends, families, & others who are desperately seeking answers as to, "How" they can truly "Help" a suffering addict.
by John Mark Skinner
A Step Up for Famailies
       Fridays 6 pm
beginning March 9, 2012
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