Courage to Change - Jeremiah 29:11
God's Finger Print...
In Old Testament days people would smear lamb's blood on vessels for carrying water to seal leaks.
Are you a "leaky vessel"?
The Lamb's blood can make you whole.
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Please fill out the form below to be added to our contact  list.  We will be updating the website periodically and will be including a calendar of events on the "Doin'Time" page. God is continuing to expand our territory!
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Please look us up on facebook for sermon notes and upcoming events.  We are located under organizations/religious groups.
God has provided abundantly over the past year for our ministry needs.  Our prison trips take us all over Arkansas and Oklahoma and require lodging and food.  Each trip is provided for through business men and women who may not be able to go themselves but recognize the need and are moved to meet it.  If this describes you, we would be honored to provide you more information on how you might become a partner with this ministry.  If you feel led to meet the need for one of the trips or ministries listed on this sight, please feel free to send donations to: 
   Courage To Change Ministries
4617 Jenny Lind Rd
Fort Smith, AR  72901
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