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"Hell Robbers"
Courage To Change Rocks...all over the state of Arkansas!
"The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners"

Isaiah 61:1

"Hell Robbers"  Rocked Out at Rock The River on 8/25/2012, at The Fort Smith Convention Center. It was a great day of praise and worship in Fort Smith Arkansas!
"Hell Robbers" , were praise and worship team, "rob hell" on a regular basis at the Courage Center as well as at our prison rallies. We watch expectantly to see where God will bring this radical group of talented Jesus freaks!
"Hell Robbers"  had quite a history in the River Valley area under another name. Some of our members were formerly known as "Little Seed", the band has led praise and worship, traditional tent revivals, and rocked out recovery rallies, concerts, fund raisers, and battle of the bands throughout the River Valley.
Multi-talented and multi-tasking...
We have been so very blessed to have such amazing musical talent and their anointing is felt and expressed through their original composition as well!
Jimmy "Jam" Morgan :   fearless leader, sporting his new grill! The saying that a group will only progress to the level of their leader is so very true. When Jimmy Jam dedicated his entire life the Lord... entire, included his musical abilities.
"Hell Robbers"  continually rises above our expectations whether singing praise and worship or rockin' out for Jesus! I do not know of an instrument he cannot use to bring honor and glory to God!
Kevin Harrison, shown here playing harmonica and guitar happens to be our drummer! He's our own little piece of "ZZ Top", as he is so frequently teased! You have never heard the drums played quite the way Kevin plays them! You must come rock out with us.

 Kenny Henry, formerly the lead singer for "Little Seed", with his powerfully anointed voice, is sure to bring the blessings down from heaven as he sends the worship up. 
 John Ruteledge, We watch as his quiet demeanor is transformed into an energetic expressive base player when he steps upon the stage. He magnifies the Lord with his incredible talent. 

Jennifer Cahoon :  A school teacher by day but a Hell Robber by night.  Her angelic voice is a pleasure to hear when ever and where ever she sings.
"Hell Robbers"  performing "Broken"
at Rock The River for Hannah House on 8/25/12
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Hell Robbers performing "Broken" at Rock The River for Hannah House 8/25/12 in Fort Smith Arkansas
"Hell Robbers" performing "Serve Somebody"
at Rock The River for Hannah House on 8/25/12
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"Serve Somebody"
Hell Robbers performing "Serve Somebody" at Rock the River for Hannah House 8/25/12 Fort Smith Arkansas

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